Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting proposals!

[Any donation the Rowe Trusts might make to your organization does not imply continuing support in future years. While you are encouraged to plan for the long term, and clearly many worthwhile programs or projects cannot be undertaken in a single year, be aware that the Trusts do not set aside resources for multiple year project funding. Should you require assistance in future years, you will have to submit a new proposal that requests a continuation of funding for your program. There is no guarantee that funds will be available, or allocated, to fund any future request.]

Grant Application Guidelines

  1. You need to send a copy of the IRS determination letter that grants your group 501(c)(3) status, and a copy of your most recent annual report (990 PF or equivalent).

  2. Include one copy of a proposal that states how you will spend the money you are requesting for your program. The proposal must include a budget, and some background material that supports the need for your program's implementation.
  3. There are no application deadlines; however, the Trusts generally distribute grants throughout the middle 2/3 of the calendar year, from early March until the year's available funding is exhausted -- say, through the end of November.

  4. Unless there is emergency need (which must be documented), the Trusts usually do not support general administrative and/or operating expenses. Direct salary costs for staff may be included as part of a specific proposal, but not general "front office" costs.
  5. Finally, the Trusts'area of charitable interest. The trusts were founded "...for the care and well-being of animals, particularly of dogs but not necessarily limited thereto." The late Mr. Rowe was a close friend of the Trustee and his family. This close personal relationship yields the following interpretation of his wishes: the Trusts will consider supporting a program that will care for abandoned and abused pets (primarily dogs), or protects the habitat and/or improves the welfare of wildlife (primarily canid species).

Send all application documents to:

Ray Rowe Trusts for Animals

Duncan Forbes, Trustee

2020 Madison Ave

Baltimore, MD 21217-3866



See the listing of types of organizations that the Trusts have supported recently. [Found in the Part XV Schedule of the 990 PFs]

Last modified on November 1, 2020

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